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       New Trend is a professional organization dedicated in providing high-end language training services to Chinese and international enterprises, social entities and government organizations.
       New Trend language training center currently owns nearly 300 local and foreign language experts. With the rich experiences in language training industry and the support of excellent training results, as well as sincere suggestions proposed by clients from multiple areas, our center has developed our training courses from English to Japanese, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Mandarin and other language courses. As a result, New Trend has become the very first language training organization which sets foot in providing various language training services in China.
       We provide tailor-made courses, and based on traditional teaching method, we also provide courses in various forms including E-learning system, telephone/video call classes, mini salon classes, situational practice and case-study.
       New Trend language training center, the vanguard of corporate language training industry.

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Characteristic advantage

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Success Cases

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Training Result Demonstration


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Course Introduction

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